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Are you tired of waiting for customers to notice your presence? Do you need to spice up your communication with your clients? Do you require high-quality blog posts to update your company blog regularly? We can help.

Whether you’re operating a business, running a restaurant, setting up an online store or updating your fashion blog, you need the right words to inform, engage and entertain.

It’s where we step in as your trusted freelance writer in India! We will get your message across to your readers in the language they understand best – quickly, coherently and impressively. And the best part, hiring us is easy, hassle-free, and guaranteed to be a satisfying experience.

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Writing Expertise

13+ years. 100+ clients. 30+ industries = awesome content. We stand out for our friendly and conversational writing style. A focus on SEO and our refreshing approach to dry topics act as cherries on the cake!

Customized Solutions

From web content, sales copy and blog posts to story writing, product descriptions and email content, our writing services will fit your business like a glove.

Flexible Hiring

We do not insist on a minimum order quantity. Plus, you can hire us whenever you require an experienced freelance writer, even on a monthly-retainer - the choice is YOURS.

Fast Delivery

Time is money. We save you both. A proven track record of meeting deadlines and super-fast content delivery add pretty feathers to our cap.

Most Experienced Content Writing Service, this side of the globe

Reliable. Professional. Talented. Creative. Honest. Prompt. Responsive. Affordablethat’s what our clients say. 

We are Content Writer India, a premier writing agency that’s been creating awesome web content since 2005.

You can rely on us to restore your website’s lost sheen, articulate your brand’s story, generate new leads, improve traffic & drive higher conversions rates with customer-centric, relevant & targetted content.

We make content outsourcing easy, hassle-free and convenient.

Choose Us for Content Writing. You’ll love the experience.


Multi-Specialty Content for your Online & Offline Success

Over the last 13 years, we’ve written content across all major domains – Travel & Tourism, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Shopping & E-Commerce, Decor & Interior Design, Outdoor Adventures, Child Care, Spirituality, Music, Fashion, Physiotherapy, Gardening, Destination Marketing, E-Learning – you name it.

We have worked with businesses in India, USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia,  Singapre, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai UAE, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Poland, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

A proven track record of satisfied clients makes us your ideal content writing partner in India. 


Express Content Delivery in 48 Hours or Less

Express Content Delivery by Content Writer India

Content Writer India Has Your Back…

Do you have an urgent content requirement that is holding up your entire project?
Write to Us – [email protected]
We’ll deliver your content within 48 hours while still maintaining the exceptional quality we are known for! *Conditions apply.

Let's get started on your writing project.

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What Our Clients Say

  • 5
    Thank you for your effortless content writing for my new website. Your service was efficient and would not hesitate using your company for future content writing / blogs, etc. ~ Australia ~
    Sandra Gatterer, Founder - Haus of Rattan
  • 5
    The services provided by you are really prompt and reasonably priced. And above all, this time the mistakes you pointed out in the recent maths book were remarkable. Even after doing 2-3 rounds of proofreading I couldn't find those mistakes. Thanks for your support and services. ~ New Delhi, India ~
    Vaibhav Jain, Educare Publishing House
  • 5
    Content Writer India have been superb. They are creative and their customer service is great. The guys there respond very quickly to our feedbacks. ~ Bangalore, India ~
    Jayalakshmi Kuber, Infobells Interactive Solutions
  • 5
    I just want to say thank you very much for the professional job that you did for my business. I will continue using your service for sure because it is faster, very good price and done with honesty. ~ Burlington, Canada ~
    Gloria Ines V
  • 5
    The article topics given to them were difficult as they were about North East India. Generally, North East is still hidden from the Indian masses. So as a website, we are trying to bring out the region from a tourist angle. I feel really happy that has justified all the topics repeatedly, covering all the states. They have become an inseparable part of our future content also. My good wishes to the team. ~ Tripura, India ~
    Ayan Debbarma Business Advisor,
  • 5
    I'd say that the team are excellent and it is some of the best service I have received both online and offline in a long time. If you would like a professional experience from an excellent content writing team then I would look no further. They offer freelancer prices, but the service from a large company - which is an excellent combination. ~ United Kingdom ~
    James, ROVH Director,
  • 5
    I would like to thank Akanksha and the team for the fantastic work on content writing for my site. I love what you have done and how well you picked up the threads and the essence of what I was looking for and put it all together in a professional and inspiring way. I look forward to working with you in our next project. ~ Bangalore, India ~
    Aanya Singhvi Director, AVZA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see samples of your writing?

For an idea of our writing style and the work we have done so far, please visit Sample Portfolio here:

I am worried about plagiarism. Do you copy-paste content from other websites?

We are a dependable content writing company. We never copy-paste content from other websites.

Even though we do conduct online research for topics that require additional reading, we make sure that the content we write for you (website content / articles / product descriptions) is totally original and appropriate for your website.

Your 100% satisfaction is our primary motto.

I have a large writing project. Before outsourcing the whole project, I would like to test your services.

We will be happy to start work on a small portion of your project. If you are satisfied with the quality of service delivered, you can outsource the entire project to us.

When you calculate the total word count, do you also charge for ‘a’ ‘an’ ‘the’, etc?

The total word count is calculated using the Word Count tool in MS Word. Yes, all words that make up the content are counted, including vowels.

Is there an additional charge for revisions?

We offer one-round of revisions, free of charge. If you would like us to rework the content at a later stage, the revisions will be chargeable.

What kind of background information do you require before sending me a price quote for my project?

Please be as detailed as possible when you contact us with your writing needs. To begin with, let us know the writing service you would like to hire, number of pages/articles required, preferred word count, scope of work as well as your preferred timeframe to complete the project.

Once we receive these essential details from you, we will write back. Send us your queries [email protected], and we will get back to you at the earliest.

We are hiring you for the first time. Why should we pay you an advance?

We understand your concern. However, please note that being professionals in this field, we base our work around policies that hold true for each and every client, irrespective of whether you are a new customer or a repeat client.

Moreover, even in the physical plane, every dependable service provider will expect an advance before beginning work for you. In the past, we have had clients who have not paid us for the work we submitted. Hence, in order to maintain a level of trust and professionalism, we require an advance payment after which we will begin work on your project.

Write to us with details of your writing requirement to know the advance amount you'll have to pay to get the work started.

Why haven’t you mentioned your writing rates on the website?

We believe in offering a one-to-one service to each of our valued customers. Since every project is different, we prefer to send you a personalized quotation after understanding your requirements.

We find this approach more suitable as opposed to pointing you to a static page with writing rates.

13+ Years

Countless Words. Numerous Stories

15+ Countries

Global Reach. Friendly Service.

100+ Customers

Awesome Content. Honest Service

30+ Industries

Niche Domains. Flavourful Content

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